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Industrial Filters

Activated Carbon Filters

Filter to protect a group of persons not wearing individual protective equipment against toxic agents, biological agents and radioactive dust and to enable them to perform normal operations and other related tasks. Generally carbon water filters includes gas-particulate filter unit and air regeneration unit.
  • Used to remove the traces of oil in vapors form & associated taste & odour.
  • They are the final stage filters for cleaning of air used in critical applications.
  • These carbon water filters are designed to give 0.005 mg/m3 maximum remaining oil content.

Product Specifications:
  • Mainly used to purify and remove odor for any beverage or liquid.
  • Filtration Efficiency : 95%
  • Weight : about 50kg
Activated Carbon Filters

Micron Cartridge Filters

Micron Cartridge Filter are essentials end filters, to get a super clarity & extra sparkle to water that is already filtered by a conventional sand filter. Very fine suspended impurities, colloidal matter, chlorine traces sand particles etc. which escape untrapped in sand filter, are easily separated in these filters. These industrial ro systems and micron cartridge filters are most useful, in various industries, for achieving high standards of quality of the finished products as a great help in research activities in laboratories, hospitals marine & microbiological research organizations.
Micron Cartridge Filters

Sand Filter

Industrial sand filters are occasionally used in the treatment of sewage as a final polishing stage. In these industrial sand filters the sand traps residual suspended material and bacteria and provides a physical matrix for bacterial decomposition of nitrogenous material, including ammonia and nitrates, into nitrogen gas.
Sand Filter

Heavy Duty General Purpose Housings Filter

Applications :
  • OEM Equipment for Water business
  • Prefilter for RO
  • Point of use Water Purification
  • Flow sight indicators
  • Pathological Laboratories
  • Food Processing
  • Prefilter for hot/cold dispensers
  • Photographic
  • Recreational Vehicles

Housings Filter

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