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Filter Cartridges

Pleated Cartridge

Pleated Filter Cartridges have high dirt holding capacity. These pleated filter cartridges are use in pharmaceutical, food and beverage applications.

  • High Surface Area Pleated Fitter Cartridges Have High Dirt Holding Capacity
  • Meltblown Polypropylene Fitter Media
  • Provides Efficient Particle Removal
  • 100% Polypropylene Construction for wide Chemical Compatibility
  • Cartridges meet all relevant guidelines for use in pharmaceutical, food and beverage applications
  • Manufactured under an ISO 9001 Quality system
  • Biotechnology Application

Pleated Cartridge

Neel Hydrotech Stainless Steel Pleated and Sintered Cartridge

Metallic fiber filter and sintered filter cartridge media offers unique advantages. It combines the strength, resistance and cleanability of stainless steel with the desirable filtration properties of random fiber depth type media. This unique combination of sintered filter cartridge means.

3 times greater dirt-holding capacity and longer onstream life than any other type of metallic media.
4 times higher flow than other metallic media of comparable rating and area. 2 times higher porosity and permeability for processing even viscous materials at tower pressure drops.

Pleated element configurations, offering extended filter area and high throughput All welded construction for excellent chemical stability no extractables.

Excellent mechanical strength, for use at high differential pressures and temperatures. Up to 150 psid and 7500F.

Freedom from media migration, non fiber releasing. Retention of both rigid and deformable contamination.
Resistance to unloading even under severe shock conditions.

PLUS QUALITY.,..HIGHEST INDUSTRY STANDARDS Closely controlled pore size distribution, providing consistent, repeatable filtration results.
Stainless Steel Pleated and Sintered Cartridge

Silver Impregnated Granular Activated Carbon Cartridge/Bacteria Removal Cartridges

SGAC Cartridges Purify Water and Inhibit the Bacterial Growth, can be used for Longer Period. 10,000 Gallons/ 3 Years. It is well established that coconut shell based activated carbon and carbon filter cartridges is an effective medium for removing organic compounds that cause objectionable tastes, odors and colors from municipally supplied tap water. However, the organic compounds that are trapped on the surface of activated carbon filter cartridges become a source of nutrients for bacteria which multiply very rapidly on them in the moist environment of cartridge. Impregnated silver on granular activated carbon in the cartridge inhibits the , growth of bacteria within fitter beds and prolongs the life of cartridge many times.
Silver Impregnated Granular Activated Carbon Cartridge, Bacteria Removal Cartridges

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