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Drinking Water Plant

Packaged Drinking Water Plant/Mineral Water Plant

We manufacture and supply a complete scheme of Drinking Water Plant, Packaged Drinking Water Plant, Mineral Water Plant, Mineral Water Bottling Plant on Turn-Key basis.

High output RO System which includes following equipment.
Filter Assembly (Sand/Carbon/Cartridge/Bag Filter)
High Pressure Pump
Membrane with housings
Storage tank if required.

[Note: The use of equipment is as per the raw water quality ]

Fully Automatic & Semi-automatic Bottle Filling Machines:

Details : Automatic rinsing, Filling and Capping Machine.
  • Capacity 55-60 BPM and 24-28 BPM
  • Cap Hopper
  • Electric control panel
  • Filling Valves
  • Shrink tunnel
  • Conveyer
Drinking Water Plant

Bottle Filling Machine

Automatic rinsing, Filling and Capping machine

Technical Specification:
  • Capacity 55-60 BPM 24-28 BPM
  • Main drive
  • Cap hopper
  • Electrical control panel
  • filling valves
  • Inspection Screen (white)
  • Shrink tunnel
  • Conveyer
  • Machine Size
Bottle Filling Machine

PET Stretch Blowing Machine

Semi Automatic PET stretch blowing molding machine of production capacity 600-700/ 1200-1400/ 2800-3000 BPH

Technical Specification:
Internal pre heating system, indexing conveyor, PMDC motor, PLC outline procession, Total Mercury pneumatic system, 40 mould memory in PLC
PET Stretch Blowing Machine

Pouch Filling Machine

Automatic Form, Fill and Seal Machine, with capacity 440 Pouch/min, 2000-2200 pouch/hr.

Other Accessories: Counter, Water Circulation Pump, digital Timers, Auto drain switch, S.S. roof.
Pouch Filling Machine

Water Plant Accessories

Online Dosing Pump
Non-electric proportional dosing pump is operated by the line pressure of water to dose variety of chemical like Alum, Chlorine, Soda, Anti-Scalant inhibitors etc.

Ultra Violet Filters: For Water Disinfecting water
Heavy Duty General Purpose Housing Filters
Pleated Cartridges
Stainless Steel Pleated and Sintered Cartridge
Activated Carbon/ Bacteria Removal Cartridges
P.P. Spun/Wound Cartridges/ R.B.C.( resin bound cartridge filter from 10micron to 0.2 micron)
Dosing Pump

Water Plant Services

Annual Maintenance Contracts
Water Analysis
Water Analysis

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