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About Us

Neel Hydro TechWe- ‘Neel Hydrotech’, started our operations as manufacturers and exporters of premium quality machinery equipment to address to the requirements of R O Systems, water treatment plant, wastewater treatment plant and water purification plant like reverse osmosis system, ozone generator, high pressure water pumps, carbon block cartridges, storage tank and uv system.

With our consistent and dedicated approach, we have developed our expertise in manufacturing superior quality and efficient range of machinery products. Through our continued commitment towards research and development, innovative products, prompt technical support and logistics excellence, we are able to successfully deliver significant benefits to our clients like in industrial, commercial, municipal, health care, residential sectors worldwide.

Our range of water treatment plant, Water Softener Plant, wastewater treatment plant and water purification plant successfully meets the requirements of different industries, institutions and residential sectors like pharmaceutical industries, hospitals and different chemical industries.

Our Specialized Range Of Products

We provide clients with efficient and practical solutions to the worlds most demanding water challenges. Our products offer Reverse Osmosis System, water purification plant and wastewater treatment plant for a wide variety of high-purity, industrial, institutional and other applications. The specialized range of products:

Filtration Plant
Desalination R.O : Desalination is the removal of salts from sea water or brackish water to produce drinking water.
Normal sea water can contain up to a few percents of salt, while drinking water contains only more than 10 ppm of salt.
The most commonly used technique to desalinate is the use of reversed osmosis. This technique is able to remove the salts in one step.

Water Demineralizer : For removing most dissolved salts or irons using minimum two types of exchange resins

Reverse Osmosis System : For purifying brackish/high TDS water for drinking and industrial purposes.

Water Filters : For removing suspended particulate matter, odor, color, chlorine, organic matters etc. from the intake water supply.

Multigrade sand filters
Activated carbon filters
Cartridge filters
Bag Filter

Water Treatment Plant
A complete scheme of Mineral Water Plant to get treated water.

Sewage Treatment Plant

Treatment on the effluents coming from hospitals, hotels, pharmaceutical companies etc.

Water Softeners
For removing the presence of calcium and magnesium from the pipelines and fixtures, scaling of boiler tubes, cooling tower fins, solar heater coils.They are available in both manual and automatic options.

Our Application Areas

Our technically advanced range of products meet the diverse needs of various industries, households and institutions. Some of the application areas where our products are in demand are:

Our Mission

To achieve excellence and perfection in all aspects and offer our clients a wide range of innovative and latest technology incorporated machinery products.

Our Specialty

Turn-key projects in Pharmaceutical water treatment along with IQ, OQ, PQ documentation as per USP 25 norms. Serving water treatment needs in Biotechnology and R.O. for Dialysis in Hospitals.

Product Range